2020 series

PLEASE NOTE: The series will have new organisers this year and this website will be removed in early March. We'll post updates on Twitter when we know more.

This season-long competition is open to all first claim members of CTT North Midland District affiliated cycling clubs. Find out if your club is affiliated.

There are three distinct competitions to compete for: Standard carriageway, sporting courses (Spoco), and hill climbs. Within these, there are separate prizes for men, women, juniors (although none were eligible this year) and teams (standard carriageway only). Please refer to the North Mids CTT site for a list of the courses we will be using throughout the series.

You don't need to do anything to enter - we pull the results direct from the CTT site, so if you rode any of the events you and your results will be counted. We publish the standings regularly throughout the year.

We'd like to thank Dean Poole and the team at JE James for their continued support of the series.

Alix Archer, Alex Deck & Ann Walsham
Series organisers