Rules and Regs

The series is governed by the CTT rules & regs.

Who can enter

Anyone who is a first claim member of a North Midlands affiliated club can enter. Check to see if your club is registered.

Teams (Standard carriageway only)

Riders don't have to do anything to be entered into the team awards - this is done automatically. Team members do not have to be specifed by name - the rankings will be on the basis of points achieved by individuals belonging to the same team / club, according to these rules:

Mixed teams

Women riders taking part in team time trials are not eligible for points if riding in a mixed team. Similarly, men riding in mixed teams are also not awarded points for the overall competition. There is no mixed team award.


Once we receive the results sheets we split between men and women and allocate points through each field, with the winners receiving 120. We then remove any non-North Mids riders and add the points to the standings docs.